Go Beyond Listening
Our philosophy at Sound Advice is that music should be a journey that allows you to have an immersive and intimate experience with your favorite artists and bands. So, we are introducing a new way for you to listen to music.
The Brainchild of Music Enthusiasts
Sound Advice was born from more than thirty years of experience in the Philippine audio industry. 
We have experimented with numerous brands and products available in the country. We were also able to discover countless mismatched pairings and remarkable combinations. Now, we are here to tell you everything that we know, hoping to give you our Sound Advice. 
With your convenience in mind, allow us to guide you through your audio journey of building your perfect system.
More than a One-stop Shop
We provide you with well-curated options, from your turntables down to your amplifiers, speakers, and cables! We have everything you could possibly need.
More than this, we tailor fit our advice based on your specific needsbecause no one journey is the same. Be it through guiding you about the basics of system combinations to providing you with the top of the line upgrade options. 
Your Journey to Experience Music Differently
Do you remember the experience of a live performance playing right in front of you? Maybe you are brought back to your first concert, a serenade, or a trip to the bar with a live band playing. Do you remember that heightened rush of emotions coursing through your body? The clear, crisp sound of the vocals and instruments that you can hear every note and emotion speaking to you. Losing yourself to the experience of music as the artist performs just for you.
Discover how you can experience your music this way, but at home. 
Here at Sound Advice, we provide you with the audio system that can recreate live performances in the comforts of your own space.
As you begin to explore your options, you will soon realize that finding a system can take some time and may involve a learning process. We, at Sound Advice, understand all these. So we provide you with well-curated products that are filtered for your specific needs. 
Wherever you are in your journey, we are here to guide you as you explore your options to create the system that is perfect for youfrom choosing the turntable that fits your preferences to the amplifiers & speakers that have the features you want. 
Our advice is tailored to meet your every need and desire.
The audio system you build will determine how you will experience your favorite songs and artists. It will also reveal your personal taste and will become a great form of self-expression. This is why you are not just investing in equipment or in music, you are also investing in yourself.
We will be your companions in this journey of self-discovery where the growth never stops. We will be there providing you with all that you want and need for your system. May it be through providing you with information on the basics, or suggesting advancements that can take your system into a whole new range.
Some of the Brands That We Carry
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