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And to do so, we are providing the following services.

Rega Service Center

Support Gurus
We know the difficulty of choosing the right product. It involves many hours of researching, studying, and sometimes a few doubts.  
Our Support Gurus are here to answer all your questions every step of the waybefore, during, and after purchase.
System Care
Keep your equipment in top shape with our System Care. 
We conduct repairs and provide upgrades and maintenance for all your audio needs. We perform assessment tests to know how to best fix your equipment for a consumable credit fee of PHP 1,500. The consumable credits can be used if your item needs further repairs and/or additional parts.
Book an appointment through or visit our Service Center at 99 Kanlaon Street, Sta. Mesa Heights, Brgy. Lourdes, Quezon City, Philippines.
Address and Contact Details
rega service center
99 Kanlaon Street, Sta. Mesa Height,
Brgy. Lourdes, Quezon City
9AM - 5PM, Mon to Fri

Bargain Investments

We understand that serious equipment can also mean serious investment. So we are here to provide you with alternatives to create your dream system without having to break the bank.
Find good deals and steals in this catalog!
No items found.
Our Rega products were made to last, and this is just another way we can prove it! We ensure that each item on this catalogues has faced the test of time with grace and elegance, so much so that we will provide a one (1) year warranty on all products available in this section.
Interested in any of our pre-owned equipment? 
Send us a message for more details about the price and condition of it.
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Stay Updated

Thinking of upgrading your equipment? We got you covered!
Have your current Rega equipment evaluated by our team of experts and trade them in for our latest models with the best deals made just for you. 
Kindly note that the approval of your deal depends on your equipment’s assessment results and the capacity of our team. Also, to give quality service, there will only be limited trade in slots available.
Frequently Asked Questions
How can I apply for the trade-in service?

Fill out the trade-in form on our website, providing the complete details of your product.

Upload at least 6 photos of your product. Make sure that your product is well-lighted and that there are no objects obstructing the shot. Also, make sure to capture all of its sides and angles, most especially the front and rear. These photos will help us assess the physical condition of your product.


Wait for us to reach out to you. If you haven’t heard from us after 5 business days, please do not hesitate to follow up.

Once your product has been approved for the next assessment step, we will send you the details of your appointment via text or email. We will also require you to bring your product to our Service Center at 99 Kanlaon Street, Sta. Mesa Heights, Brgy. Lourdes, Quezon City. This is so we can evaluate its functionality and working condition.

If your product passed both rounds of assessment, we will present you with the option to trade it for store credits. You can use the store credits to purchase any item on our website. Please note that the store credits must be consumed immediately after the offer has been accepted.

What is a Store Credit Offer?

1. Store Credits will act as cash in our store. You can use this to purchase any item/s on the Sound Advice product page. 
2. Store credits cannot be exchanged for cash. 
3. Store credits are non-transferrable. 
4. Store credits must be immediately consumed to have a successful trade-in deal.

How can I redeem my Store Credit Offer?

1. After you formally accept our Store Credit Offer, you will be sent a Store Credit Code
2. Use the Store Credit Code before you check out from our store. Your overall total will reflect the reduced price based on the store credit code.
3. The Store Credit Offer has a one-time redemption status. This means that your code will only work once.

Can I decide not to push through with the trade-in deal in the middle of the assessment period?

1. Yes, you may decide to end the trade-in service inquiry and keep your items as long as you have not formally accepted our Store Credit Offer
2. We consider that our offer has been formally accepted once you use our Store Credit Code
3. If you decide that you are not happy with our offer, you may choose to reject our offer and claim your product/s from our service center.

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