Rega System One Has Finally Arrived in the Philippines

Rega System One Has Finally Arrived in the Philippines

The highly-acclaimed Rega turntable setup has finally reached the shores of the Philippines! Now available on Sound Advice, this all-Rega three-component system has been making waves worldwide since its first release in late 2021. The turntable system was designed to bring the listener the true Rega signature experience straight out of one box.

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Aside from receiving top reviews since its launch, the Rega System One was also recently awarded the highest accolade, Editor’s Choice, in Hi-Fi Choice Magazine:

“It’s hard not to admire what Rega has achieved here. This is both a credible alternative to more conventional single-chassis all-in-one systems and a joyous introduction to what Rega offers as a company.

It’s mightily impressive both in execution and performance and I’m completely smitten by it. If you’re looking for one of the purest distillations of the hi-fi experience on the market today, you’ve just found it.” – Ed Selley

What’s in the Rega System One?

Rega Planar 1 – The Ultimate Beginner Turntable

Rega Planar 1 turntableThe Rega Planar 1 turntable is often praised as the ultimate beginner’s turntable and considered one of the best record players in Hi-Fi. The P1’s no-fuss ‘plug-and-play’ setup and impressive sound quality—only seen in higher ranges of audio players—make the experience all about being lost in the music instead of worrying about the technicals. Feel the mood and the atmosphere shift from track to track as you experience the music in a different way from your usual listening stream.

Rega io Amplifier – A Compact Build That Packs a Punch

A force to be reckoned with, the Rega io Amplifier is another award-winning Rega product. The amplifier was built to add that much-needed power to the bass and your listening experience.

You can definitely consider the io Amplifier as the heart of Rega System One, allowing all the system’s components to work together in synergy. The uncompromised sound quality it produces will have you enveloped in the sound of your favorite hits and will definitely get those goosebumps rising.

The io includes two line-level inputs, a high-specification Rega moving magnet phono stage, and a high-quality headphone output—perfect for listeners who prefer to enjoy their music with headphones on. You’ll be able to hear the intricate details you may not have noticed before from your vinyl with the uncompromised sound quality the io brings.

Kyte Speakers – Flying High Above Typical Bookshelf Loudspeakers

Rega Kyte loudspeaker

Last but not least is the newest addition to Rega and the voice of System One, the Kyte Loudspeakers. The new Rega loudspeakers have garnered their own buzz for the stunning natural sound.

With crisp and clear audio, the Kyte will make you feel like the concert is happening right in the comfort of your home! And the best part is you get the same high-end audio experience as other British-made loudspeakers three times its price.

Rega System One is now available on Sound Advice.

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