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Rega Planar 2

Rega Planar 2

with Rega Carbon cartridge

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Take your audio experience to the next level with this mid-range turntable.

The Rega Planar 2 will transport you to the front row of a live concert right in the comfort of your own home. On top of that, the glass platter completes the P2’s elegant design, making it a great centerpiece in your living room. You can even have it in red if it’s more your style! It’s versatile too, delivering crystal-clear and precise audio across a wide range of music genres.

Don’t just take our word for it - the turntable has earned 5-star ratings and rave reviews – proof of its outstanding performance!

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Rega Planar 2 Awards


Enhanced RB220 tonearm

Enjoy stable and steady play with the P2’s one-piece tonearm, created from Rega’s most advanced engineering. 

Acrylic Gloss Laminated Plinth

Experience better performance and a touch of elegance with the Planar 2’s laminated plinth, available with a glossy finish in black, white, and red.

10 mm Float Glass platter

Aside from its aesthetic appeal, the 10 mm glass platter offers improved speed consistency and overall sound quality. 

Choose from three stylish finish options to suit your personal taste. With its new float glass ‘Optiwhite’ 10 mm platter, the Planar 2 achieves high accuracy, delivering an exceptional audio experience. 

Plinth color options
High gloss acrylic, laminated plinth; Available in Black, White, and Red
Dimensions (W x H x D)
 447 x 117 x 360 mm
Cartridge Options
Carbon MM (Factory Fitted), included
Phono Cable (RCA)
Standard, included
Turntable Platter
10 mm Float Glass Opti-white platter
Tonearm Model
RB220 Precision Tonearm, included
Advanced EBLT drive belt, Manual, Dust Cover, included
24V low noise motor
Phono Stage
None included


Rega Planar 2 Review

Rega's redesign of a classic turntable retains the great sound and simple set-up.

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Hi-Fi Choice Recommended

Rega's redesign of a classic turntable retains the great sound and simple set-up. The Planar 2 is certainly a classy performer, given its affordable price tag. It is without doubt going to spawn a whole new generation of followers and keep Rega's profile high in what is fast becoming a growing turntable market.

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The Ear Best Buy

Add in the drop dead looks and Rega’s enviable track record for reliability and build quality and you have a budget turntable that is nigh on impossible to beat. If you want to hear what vinyl is really all about get thee to a Rega dealer forthwith.

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