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Rega System One

Rega System One

with Rega Planar 1, Rega io, Rega Kyte, free Speaker Stands

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A great setup doesn’t have to be complicated. We bring you excellent components in one box: the multi-awarded Rega Planar 1 and io amplifier, along with the Kyte (Rega’s newest loudspeakers).

The System One will make you feel like you’re standing right in front of a live performance, allowing you to rediscover the music you love in a truly immersive experience.

With perfect system matching, this system provides incredible depth, detail, and power. Be overwhelmed by awesome sound, not a complicated setup, with the System One.

The System One comes with free speaker stands worth ₱7,500.

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Rega System One Awards


Planar 1

The ultimate beginner turntable with an elegant design. Just assemble, plug in, and hit play – all under 30 seconds! 


With a built-in phono stage, the io amplifier seamlessly fits with the Planar 1 and future turntable upgrades. 


Flying high above typical bookshelf loudspeakers, the Kyte speakers will bring you the true Rega sound. These speakers rival other British-made loudspeakers three times its price, making it the perfect final piece to this high-performing set.

What’s included:

  • Turntable - Rega Planar 1 
  • Phono stage - Built in the Rega io
  • Amplifier - Rega io 
  • Speakers - Rega Kyte
  • Speaker cable - SC Speaker Wire 3m/pair

Other parts you'll need for a fully functioning setup:

Nothing else is needed. This system is ready for use!


Rega System One - the complete vinyl package

The Rega System One is the very essence of less is more, it really does get to the parts that many systems do not and is a testament to its makers ability to turn spinning plastic into living music.

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Editor's Choice

If you're looking for one of the purest distillations of the hi-fi experience on the market today, you've just found it.

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AVForums Best Buy

The Rega System One is one of the most joyous things I have tested in a very long time Ed Selley

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Rega System One Review

Fuss-free and a glorious listen, Rega’s System One is the new entry-level vinyl system to beat.

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