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Turntable Basics

What is a turntable?

A turntable, also known as a vinyl music player, is a device that plays vinyl records at precise speeds. Turntables are loved for their warm and rich sound quality, and they offer a nostalgic and hands-on way to enjoy music. It’s like having a personal concert or live recording in your own home!

Why buy a vinyl player?

Music enthusiasts buy vinyl players for many reasons. For one, it provides an immersive sound that digital formats often lack, replicating the feeling of a live music performance in your own home. Vinyl records also let you have a tangible connection to your favorite music; you get to own a piece of the music you love, which you can hold, admire, and display. Lastly, turntable setups are customizable, allowing you to continually fine-tune and upgrade your sound quality, making it a rewarding and ongoing journey.

If you’re ready to take your listening experience to the next level, a vinyl player or turntable system is the way to go. Browse our products now.

Where can I buy a vinyl record player?

You can find vinyl record players right on our product page. Simply add to cart and get your turntable delivered to your doorstep. We provide a comprehensive selection of high-quality turntables and accessories, ensuring that you have everything you need for an exceptional listening experience.

What are the parts of a turntable system?

The parts of a turntable system include the turntable, amplifier, speakers, and cables.

Check out our complete guide to learn all about the key components, different setup combinations, and the most commonly asked questions. You’ll also learn tips on choosing the right components, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced listener.

What are my setup options?

The most common setups are:

  • Turntable with Built-in Phono Stage + Powered Speakers: Best for beginners and people with small spaces
  • Turntable + Phono Stage + Amplifier + Passive Speakers: A favorite of hardcore enthusiasts because each component can be specifically chosen to fit their ideal sound
  • Turntable + Amplifier with Built-in Phono Stage + Passive Speakers: Recommended for vinyl enthusiasts because it allows you to connect your turntable to a pre-existing speaker setup
  • Turntable + Phono Stage + Powered Speakers: More flexible for customizing sound to achieve clearer, crisper music

The right setup will be up to your own preference. Learn more about the types of systems here.

Turntable Systems

How do I set up my system?

Please refer to our complete guide for detailed instructions on how to set up your system.

Will a Rega turntable function without an amplifier or speaker?

No, a Rega turntable needs an amplifier and speakers to create audible sound. To help you get started, we have curated bundles that include a turntable along with compatible amplifiers and speakers.

Does a Rega turntable have Bluetooth?

No, Rega turntables do not have built-in Bluetooth or wireless features.

Do Rega turntables have built-in speakers?

No, Rega turntables do not have built-in speakers. You will need to connect your turntable to an amplifier and then connect the speakers. This lets you mix and match your preferred components and gives you the flexibility for future upgrades.

Can I play 45rpm vinyl on a Rega turntable?

Yes! Simply adjust the drive belt under the turntable platter to play your 45rpm vinyl. Feel free to contact us if you need step-by-step guidance.

Can I use a non-Rega amplifier or speaker with a Rega turntable?

Yes. You can use a non-Rega amplifier or speaker with your Rega turntable as long as it meets the necessary specifications. However, quality and compatibility may vary between different brands, and you will have to do additional research on non-Rega products. To make things easier for you, we have curated bundles that we personally vouch for.


I’m looking for a specific Rega product but it’s not in the product list. Can I still order?

If you can’t find a specific Rega product in our product list, please feel free to contact us for further assistance on your order.

What are your accepted payment methods?

Our available payment methods include:

  • Paymongo (Maya, Credit Cards, GCash, GrabPay, BPI Bank Transfer, Unionbank Bank Transfer)
  • Installment (Billease)
  • Cash on Delivery (₱ 3,000 deposit)

All pre-orders will require a deposit of ₱ 3,000.

How long does it take to process and ship an order?

Confirmation of non-COD payments will take up to 2 business days. We will confirm if your preferred delivery date is possible or suggest another schedule. We’ll do our best to send out your order by the next day. However, please give us an allowance of 7 business days to fulfill your delivery. For pick-up from our service center, you can call us at (02) 7507 7342 or 0917 772 7342.

What are your shipping rates?

We provide free delivery within Metro Manila. For regions outside Metro Manila, delivery fees will vary based on product weight and location of delivery. Our support staff will get in touch with you regarding this.

Orders must be received by the person who placed the order or authorized personnel. For verification, we will ask for a valid government ID and authorization letter. The name on the ID must match the name in the order details.

Can I pick up my order in-store to save on shipping costs?

Yes. To arrange your own pick-up and save on shipping costs, please contact us at (02) 7507 7342 or 0917 772 7342. It’s essential to call ahead and coordinate with our team so we can ensure someone is available to assist you during your preferred pick-up schedule.

Do you offer installation services for the turntable systems?

Yes, we offer free delivery and installation services within Metro Manila; just put in a request for installation when you place your order. Please note that set-up services are only offered for Sound Advice orders and upon delivery.

What are the warranty terms?

All equipment purchased from the Sound Advice website has a 1-Year Warranty. This entitles the customer to a year of free repair and part replacement for any factory defects and manufacturing-based damages.

Please refer to our Terms of Service page for detailed information about our warranty terms and refund/returns policy.

Does Rega offer a lifetime warranty? The official UK website states that all items have a lifetime warranty.

Yes. You may avail of this lifetime warranty from the UK office. Please note that you will be responsible for shipping the items to and from the Rega Service Center in England. We can assist in facilitating this process, but any shipping and transportation fees will be your responsibility, and we will not be held liable for them.

How can I get products repaired or serviced?

1. For items within Metro Manila, we can pick up your item within 5 business days after the pick-up request.

Pick-up and delivery fees:

  • Central Metro Manila – ₱ 500 for a two-way route
  • Southern Metro Manila – ₱ 1,000 for a one-way route
  • Northern Metro Manila – ₱ 1,200 for a one-way route

For items outside Metro Manila, you must arrange for delivery to and pick up from our Service Center: 99 Kanlaon Street, Sta. Mesa Heights, Brgy. Lourdes, Quezon City (Near Welcome Rotonda.) Feel free to contact us so we can better help you.

2. To claim the warranty, just send us a message stating the problem you are encountering and a copy of your receipt. We will advise you on the next steps to take for your item.

3. No returns and refunds.

How can I contact customer support for any further questions or concerns?

If you can't find the information you need in our FAQ, feel free to reach out to us for further assistance via our contact page, email, or phone.