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Rega Kyte

Rega Kyte

Passive, Bookshelf Speakers (2 pcs)

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The Kyte speakers fly high above typical bookshelf loudspeakers. They sound much larger and open, giving you that true Rega sound. And the best part is you get the same high-end audio experience as other British-made loudspeakers for one-third of the price!

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Rega Kyte Awards


Innovative design

With its unique internal design and phenolic resin material, the Rega Kyte delivers great sound at prices three times less than competitors.

Perfect system matching

Rega has built all its equipment to ensure you get perfect compatibility when assembled. The result? A mindblowing listening experience.    

Powerhouse collaboration

To ensure top-notch quality, Rega collaborated with a British company specializing in phenolic resin cabinets. These speakers will take your listening experience to new heights, surpassing traditional wooden cabinet speakers. 

No marketing gimmicks. Just meticulous research and innovative engineering! Rega has always paved the way in the turntable system industry – this time, in the world of audio speakers.

The Rega Kyte has an unconventional cabinet construction made from stiff polymer phenolic resin, enhanced with ceramic plates and an internal cross-brace structure. All these parts come together to bring you optimal, high-quality music in a sleek and attractive design.

Plus, the Kyte speakers use Rega’s high-frequency unit and bass/midrange driver (incorporating a four-layer voice coil). Meanwhile, its crossover components are built and wound in-house for ultimate quality. 

Dimensions (with rear foot fit) (W x H x D)

13 x 7.4 x 9.1 in


89 dB


Nominal 6 Ω

High Frequency Unit

Rega ZRR

Power Handling

80 W per channel 

System Type


Enclosure design

Bass reflex, rear ported

Cabinet construction

Phenolic resin

Mid/Bass unit

Rega MX-125

Weight (Each)

3.73 kg



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